•   Born on 17.12.1956 in Constanta

•   Graduate of Law Faculty within Bucharest University, class of 1980.

•   Practicing law since 1980. Registered at Constanta Bar on 01.02.1981. Valedictorian after passing the national final exam, November 1982 session.

•   Founder of “Hasotti and Associates” law firm in 1997, currently an associate and coordinating lawyer.

•   Graduate of “The human rights” courses organized by the International Court of Law – Hague.

•   Legal advice and litigations, mainly in the civil, commercial and maritime law matters. Criminal trials with commercial and maritime implications. Drafting legal assessments for the use of foreign courts of law and arbitration courts.

•   Studies in expertise articles in “Revista Romana de Drept Maritim (Romanian Magazine for Maritime Law)“ and “Pandectele Romane (Romanian Pandecte)“.

•   Vice-dean of Constanta Bar 1990-1991.

•   Dean of Constanta Bar 1991-1993; 1999 - 2007.

•   Standing Commission of the Romanian Lawyers Society - member 1999 - 2003.

•   Vice-president of the National Bars Association in Romania, elected in 2003, re-elected in 2007 and 2011.

•   Experience: during a three decades career: thousands of litigations in the civil, commercial, maritime and criminal law matters. Legal advice in maritime and commercial law matters. Expertise articles in the Romanian Pandecte, Romanian Magazine for Maritime Law and The Romanian Lawyer.


•   Born on 21.02.1982 in Constanta.

•   Graduate of Law Faculty within Bucharest University, class of 2004.

•   Registered at Constanta Bar on 01.01.2005 as trainee lawyer.

•   Qualified lawyer from 01.02.2007. Valedictorian after passing the final exam, January 2007 session.

•   Associate lawyer from 01.01.2008.

•   Legal advice and litigations mainly in civil law, commercial and criminal law matters.

•   Experience: assistance and representation mainly in the commercial law, administrative and tax law, civil law, labor law matters. Consultancy in the natural gas, public utilities, real estate development, European funds (FIDIC contracts), renewable energy development fields (author of certain framework agreements on superficies and public servitude, frequently used in the field), etc.


•   Born on 19.08.1978 in Constanta.

•   Graduate of Law Faculty within Bucharest University, class of 2002.

•   Registered at Constanta Bar on 05.01.2004 as trainee lawyer.

•   Qualified lawyer at Constanta Bar from 14.10.2005.

•   Master student at the Constanta Maritime University, maritime law major.

•   Consultancy and litigations mainly in civil law, commercial and criminal law matters.

•   Experience: consultancy and litigations in commercial, civil, administrative and tax law, labor law matters. Representation in complex commercial litigations, civil litigations related to assets retrocession, illegally taken by the State. Consultancy in the matter of accessing European funds (FIDIC contracts etc.).


•   Born on 02.06.196 in Calarasi.

•   Graduate of Law Faculty within Bucharest University, class of 1988.

•   Registered at Calarasi Bar on 01.09.1988 and practiced until August 1991.

•   During the period September 1991 – March 1992 she practiced as legal adviser within Constanta Sea Ports Administration.

•   March 1992 – February 1996, legal adviser at SC Sammarina SRL.

•   Registered at Constanta Bar on 01.03.1996 where is currently practicing.

•   Since 01.01.2007 associate lawyer at “Hasotti and Associates” law firm.

•   Insolvency practitioner from November 2003.

•   Consultancy and litigations, mainly in the civil law, commercial and criminal law matters.

•   Experience: insolvency practitioner, consultancy and representation in litigations regarding insolvency matters, consultancy and representation in civil law, labor law, commercial law matters.


•   Born on the 16th of June 1994 in Constanta, Romania.

•   Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest in 2017;

•   Trainee lawyer at Constanta Bar since the 18th of November 2019;

•   Legal council and litigations mostly in civil, family and criminal law. .

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