The lawyers from our firm carry out a variety of specific activities, rendering legal advice and also representation in litigations within various law matters: commercial, civil, administrative and tax law, maritime law, intellectual property, private international law, criminal law.

In the commercial matter:
  • we offer constant advice locally, but also nationally to a various number of important economic agents coming from different economic sectors: natural gas distribution and supply; paving asphalt, import and distribution; raw metals, etc. ;
  • we offer advice for various real estate developers (residential projects, shopping centers such as “malls”);
  • we offered advice in the field of public utilities related to accessing European funds (FIDIC contracts, ISPA funds, etc.);
  • we offered advice as a form of “pioneering” (starting in 2007) in the renewable energy sector (wind energy), bringing a contribution to some of the largest projects of this type in Romania, and also in other countries;
  • other activities of general legal advice: drafting and reviewing of various types of commercial agreements; commercial negotiations; legal assessments and affidavits for the use of national or international clients / public authorities;
  • separately from the consultancy activity, we have provided and we presently provide representation for a large number of clients in various commercial litigations, our lawyers’ experience in this field being an important one.

In the civil matter:
  • with an experience of over 30 years, we have provided and presently provide representation for hundreds of clients within different types of civil litigations: litigations caused by the retrocession of the properties illegally taken during 1945 – 1989 (Law 18/1991 and Law 10/2001); labor litigations; inheritance; family law; property right; intellectual property right, etc.

In administrative and tax matter:
  • we have provided and we presently provide representation for various clients in litigations against administrative documents issued by the local and central public authorities;
  • we have provided and we presently provide representation for various clients in litigations regarding taxes and contributions due to the local budget and the state budget;
  • specifically, we provided representation for various clients in important litigations regarding taxes and rates derived from the oil sector.

In maritime matter:
  • with an experience of over 20 years and hundreds of litigations in this line, we offered legal advice and representation in front of the specialized courts in cases regarding: shipwrecks, collisions, general and particular average, dispute on the cargo, salvage, assets forfeiture, auctions and costs share, marine insurance, rights of the crews;
  • the firm’s coordinating lawyer is an author of expertise articles published in the specific national magazines, drafting also affidavits for the foreign courts.

In the insolvency matter:
  • due to the fact that we have insolvency practitioners in our firm, we have provided and presently provide representation for clients in specific litigations within the competent courts.
In the criminal matter:
  • being very experienced in this matter and with a fresh energy, we offer advice and representation for clients in all stages of the criminal trial: criminal prosecution, judicial inquiry, etc. ;
  • as an example, we provided representation for clients in files concerning fiscal offences, fiscal evasion offences etc.

         We are trying to be permanently connected to the reality of the juridical phenomena which are under permanent changing and to reach new professional levels. We are ready to develop ourselves to face the challenges.

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